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Countdown to National Signing Day: A little more than 7 days

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Do you think it would be worth it to call in sick on February 1 to watch the Auburn fireworks?  JK, thanks for answering all the questions. I think it's my favorite part of everything you do for this site. War Eagle and I'm hoping for the best for your mother.

Everything about this post is flawless victory.

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What uncommitted recruit that has Auburn in his final 2 or 3 would make the biggest impact next season if he chose Auburn?

Let me get out my crystal ball...

Dude, seriously, how exactly is ST supposed to know who will make the biggest impact? He has a lot of inside knowledge, but unless he has a direct line to some kind of higher power, then it's a bit hard to tell the future.

You must be underestimating my power!  :party: :party: :party:

:laugh: :laugh: So, why haven't you won the lottery yet? :tease:

Gotta play to win! You didn't hear Dennis Green?  :thumbsup:

Comment just gave me a flash of Mora, "Scratch offs? Scratch offs?  You're talking about scratch offs?"  Scratch offs?"


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Jaboo Winston - 0%

Jeremy Liggins - 0%

Menelik Watson - 75%

Avery Young - 50%

Alex Kozan - 50%

Ben Brown - 0%

Jordan Diamond - 30%

Cordarelle Patterson - 30%

Stefon Diggs - 50%

Kwon Alexander - 75%

Stephen Weatherly - 30%

Deon Bush - 0%

Ronald Darby - 30%


Leonard Williams - 90%

Jordan Moore - 80%

Eddie Goldman - 45%

Stefon Diggs - 45%

Arik Armstead - 10%

Ricardo Louis - 10%

I am pretty confident with Williams, Moore, Watson, and Alexander signing with Auburn. Hopefully, this class will end up with great news! Stay positive! ALL IN!  :we:

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ST, thanks for all that you do, and I hope everthing gets better for your mom.  So it sounds like from your estimates, AU has the best chance to finish with

1. Watson

2. Young/Diamond

3. Diggs/Pattterson

4. L. Williams

5. Louis

6. K. Alexander

7. 50/50 on Darby

8. 50/50 on Armstead

9. Outside shot at Godman

What about Moore? Would you add him to the list if we don't get Darby or Bush?

Even if we finish with those six and wiff on the last three, that would be a great finish.  I think all Au fans would be happy with that, and that finish would most likely put us in the top 10 recruitng.

Do you agree with that finish or would add or remove some names?

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How is it that UAT and FSU have so many commits now but are in the running for so many uncommitted ones. How will they handle that? deny commits they currently have?


Misconception on FSU. They only have 16 commits and will only sign 19-21.

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LOL at the people saying Menelik Watson at 75%. :laugh: Goes to show recruiting is a guess in the dark for some.

ST said 75%. I think he would have committed if he had an offer.

Watson didn't have an offer? 


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