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Aggie Marine Keeping Promise to Auburn Marine

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I think the Aggies are a great addition to the SEC. I am guessing they will step-up to the plate.

I feel sure that they will. You're absolutely right about them being a fantastic choice for expanding the conference, for many reasons, and the military background of the school makes it a near certainty that their fans will be more than willing to help out!

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I know from experience that Jay Jacobs will answer emails. I think it's JJacobs@Auburn.edu , but you can just call the main Auburn line and they will give it to you. I would do it for you, but it would probably be better if the one doing this emailed him so things don'g get tangled up.


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$1,265.00 so far. I might organize a Friday cook-out with the Animal Science Dept on campus, for which folk can come by as well.

While outsiders might be put off by this juxtaposition of terms, worry not! Just the way AU works.

[at least back in the early 80's, the best summer sausage available in the entire state came from the "meat lab"]

Mr. 044, sir - keep the good work going

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Coach Chizik's father was a Marine. Get in touch with with the Athletic Dept, like yesterday!

I am sure Coach Chizik would be very interested in this. I am a retired Marine and will make every effort to be there for this. I was a chopper pilot in Nam and I hauled a bunch of Marines out but they were called booby traps back then. The IED hadn't made the scene in those times, unfortunately the results were the same. For those of you that might be interested in Coach Chizik's background here is a web site to peruse. It will helpe you understand our coach and his pedigree.


Thank you for your service. I have huge respect for Vietnam War Vets.

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Alright guys, I posted about this a long time ago and as we approach football season -- the planning is well underway. I'll be bumping this thread every Sunday till the Texas A&M game so long as it's not on page 1. I am posting this early, so that you can begin to make plans to be a part of the events. Many of you have e-mailed me about being involved and I will e-mail those of you specifically more details.

The Story

I made an interesting contact not long after Texas A&M made their move to the Southeastern Conference. I was contacted by an Aggie who was a Platoon Commander (Texas A&M C/O 2008) in the United States Marine Corps, named Kolbe Grell. He was asking me about the lay-out of Jordan Hare Stadium, the campus, and most specifically handicapped seating. I was trying to get as much detail from him as I could in order to give him the best information. As we got to talking he filled me in on this little story:

He had a Marine named Cpl Chris Montgomery under his command while in Afghanistan. This was a kid he had grown close to by talking college sports. They went back and forth at each other about Texas A&M and Auburn. A&M was heating up their talks about making a conference jump, and Cpl Montgomery made sure to let his lieutenant know how bad they would get killed in the SEC. One day, while on patrol Cpl Montgomery was on the receiving end of a blast from an IED (Improvised Explosive Device). He was stabalized by his corpsman (who was later KIA in a separate incident), but not without the sacrifice of his legs. Here is how Lt. Kolbe Grell detailed it to me:

"Cpl Montgomery and I shared a special relationship. As his platoon commander, I trusted him in any situation on the battlefield. During down time, we spent a lot of time talking about college football and as you can imagine, he spent a lot of time telling me that the Ags would get crushed in the SEC. Since this was during the Cam Newton era, he had all the room in the world to have the last word.

The day that Cpl Montgomery was wounded, we were carrying him to a medical evacuation vehicle and I told him that at least he would be able to watch his Tigers in the national championship now. He watched that game from his hospital bed, a story that I'll let him share at the tailgate."

Corporal Montgomery returned state-side to Bethesda, Md where he began his rehabilitation process. While he was going through his recovery at the Center of the Intrepid at Fort Sam Houston, TX is where Lt. Grell promised that when A&M made the move official -- they would be attending the first game together.

As you all know, Auburn is a community of family. In my opinion, anyone who steps foot in this community is part of that family regardless of their university affiliation (sometimes they might be that unwanted cousin, ie: UGA, bama but family). When I heard this story, I wasn't about to let him have a mission like for "one of us" and not get the treatment they deserve. Thanks to Game Day for Heroes they have tickets to the game, and a place to stay courtesy of the Auburn University Hotel & Conference Center. We are scheduled to have them as special guests for the Eagle flight practice on Friday and I'm working with athletics to get them some sort of locker-room/facility tour that afternoon.

Where You Come In:

Lieutenant Grell and another Marine who served with him and Chris will be driving from Texas to Mobile to pick up Chris before heading to Auburn the Thursday before the game. I have set up a PayPal account (AggieMarine2012@gmail.com) for us to gather funds which will be used to subsidize their trip (gas, food, extracurriculars, etc.). Any extra funds that go into that account will be split between Wounded Warrior Project (provided support for Chris in Bethesda) and Game Day for Heroes (for providing the tickets and tailgate)


******Consider this the official invite for you to stop-by and attend the Game Day for Heroes tailgate at Donahue/Heisman just outside of the stadium. I am asking that all Auburn fans, alums, students, veterans, former athletes, VIPs, Aubie, etc, etc, take a few minutes to come and meet these young men. Let's make sure that they know not only what they mean to our universities, but our country.

**some of this weekend is a surprise for Chris, so if you happen to know him -- keep the details fuzzy

If you can be there or would like to help contribute to the weekend, please e-mail me so that I can get a good count on letting GD4H how many to expect at the tailgate (wareagle044@gmail.com)


Bump again

Not waiting 'til Sunday

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