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Board rules here?


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Hello and War Eagle!

I posted on AE for a while, but left due to fun restrictions on their graphics board.

I love to fark/photoshop (acutally use Gimp) and wondering if this board has heavy restrictions like AE did.

Example: Would Harvey Updyke jokes/farks be allowed here? (old news now, but just an example)

I'm currently apart of the fark board on Tigerdroppings and would love to have some fun with my fellow AU fans here.

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As it relates to images...

1) Do not post any copyrighted material unless the copyright is owned by you or you have acquired the right to through contact with the copyright holder. Note: Commonly circulated AU photos may be posted as long as you give the copyright holder the appropriate credit.

2) No posting of pornography or images that contain nudity, near nudity (or links to same). In other words, no "babe galleries." Images portraying graphic violence are also not permitted. This is a family and young people friendly site so the same rules that have historically applied to images on the forums apply here. The AUF admin staff and moderators will be the sole judge of what is acceptable and what is not.

3) Any material AUF members produce on this site becomes property of AUFAMILY and is for your personal use only. This material may not be sold, bundled with products, or otherwise distributed without the prior consent of the AUF staff.


Stick to these basics and you should be fine. Welcome and War Eagle!

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