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Pray for God's comfort for the families involved.

Precious, innocent children slaughtered. I just can't wrap my brain around something like this.

God is still God.

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One dad stated he thought most of the children were in one classroom. This is just so horrible. I have two grandchildren that I love with all my heart. I just cannot wrap my little brain around anyone doing such a horrible act to innocent children. My thoughts and prayers go out to all the parents and loved ones who lost their children today.

Put prayer back in school!!

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It makes me sick. I want to leave work and pick up my little girl from pre-school, and just hug her.

Amen to that thought. I can't believe it, it tears me apart. Virginia Tech, Columbine, movie theater in Colorado, NIU, mosque in Minnesota, the mall earlier this week, now children to young to even understand what's happening. All these poor teachers trying to save them, the poor parents, the poor children who witnessed this and don't understand. This is tearing me apart.

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Good coverage, including live NBC feed: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2012-12-14/newton-ct-elementary-school-shooting-tally-rises-27-dead-whom-14-children

You probably should censor this stuff from your kids. They don't have a context for a 3rd grader talking about dead teachers. I don't understand why that's ok with the FCC.

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