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My story from Williams-Brice Stadium

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I posted this also in the forum about Williams Brice showing the "Marshall Miracle". I was just curious to hear some other Auburn fans stories about being there, so I decided to start a post.

My quick (not so much) version. I moved to South Carolina from the Shoals in 2002 and am a High School coach here in South Carolina. My fiancé and I, along with another coach from the Columbia area and his wife, were at the USCe/Fla game. We got to the tailgating lot early to set up and watch the Auburn game. As you can imagine the game was on everywhere outside the stadium with USCe fans pulling for Auburn. I was a very popular guy for 3 quarters of tailgating.Then our group was ready to head into the stadium for the game with about 12 mins left in the 4th. I was not ready however but my friend convinced me that we were up big and if anything changed "would I really want to see it?" I agreed, knowing how I am when we lose, and proceeded to enter the stadium. WOW! What an error on my part!

We had a delay with getting our tickets from will call so didn't get into the stadium till about 25 minutes later. Next thing I know is I look down at my phone and see we are only up 6 with Georgia driving. We get to our seats (Upper deck end zone) and the game is just kicking off. Everyone in the stadium is on their phones trying to see what is going on. Then all of the sudden you hear the air let out of the place when Georgia runs it in to take the 1 point lead. So now the entire stadium is on their phones and internet is slower than watching Bret Biemela run after an ice cream truck!! I decided to call my uncle, who lives in Decatur and are all bama fans but do pull for Auburn except for the one game. I get him on the phone and he is taking me through the last Auburn possession. Marshall gets sacked on the 3rd down play and then my phone gets disconnected. By the time I get service and get him back on the phone Marshall is just getting the snap for 4th & 18,.... then all of the sudden all I hear on the phone is "OH MY GOD, OH MY GOD!!! TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN TOUCHDOWN touchdown AUBURN from him and the rest of my family going crazy in the background. So, me being the levelheaded guy that I am, I start screaming TOUCHDOWN AUBURN TOUCHDOWN AUBURN!! with my phone in one hand and waving my aubie hat in the other. My fiancé, friend, and people next me are looking at me like how do you know this? Everybody's phone was about 30 secs behind. All the USCe fans close (about 50-60 that could make out was I was screaming) started going nuts. Then Williams-Brice ERUPTS in a roar that would have made you think we were back in Jordan-Hare! It was quite unreal being the only Auburn fan in our area. There was a tv timeout and they cut to the final play of the game and we saw the Dee Ford hit live to end the game, then they showed the "Miracle at Jordan Hare" right after. People were going bezerk!! It's all people wanted to talk about till USCe gave up a TD to Florida then they were more focused on what they had to do.

Me, I just sat there for the next 3 hours staring at Williams Brice field with a big ole smile on my face wishing I was 320 miles southwest. :wareagle:

Just wanted to share this

War Eagle Everyone!!

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That's awesome. I've spent a lot of time in Irmo/Columbia and always pull for South Crackalacky when they aren't playing us. I've got to forward that YouTube video from Williams-Brice over to my SC family. Great story!

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I live in the mountains...way up in the mountains of North Carolina a rocks throw from Cherokee NC. It is funny in that there are many Auburn fans here, Uga, UT, Clemsom, and USC. I must say that the USC fans are some of the nicest folks around. We get along great. The Clemson fans are ok, but no where as friendly the Gamecocks. I would love to play USC in the SEC Championship game. It would be a great matchup. Mizzou would be another fun game for sure. I think we could win playing either of those teams. We will win the bammer game. I believe in this team and the coaching staff. The miracle play was devine intervention that has set us up for 2 special games in December. I feel sure that we will have a solid chance to be in the MNC game. I would hope beating bammer and beating them by 10 or more points should give us some serious consideration. We need for Baylor and OSU to lose, or FSU. I think maybe UF has about a 30% chance to win. We have to beat bammer before any of this matters. That is the gateway to the MNC along with a lose from OSU, Baylor, or FSU. We have to have 2 out of 3 teams to lose before the bammer game can get us to the Rose Bowl. I think the Rose Bowl does not want bammer to sing about playing in the Rose Bowl in 2014. The 1935 game was anoying enough to listen to. May NM run for 290 yards and passes for 175 yard against bammer...oh, Tre Mason will add on another 125 rushing yards giving us the most yardage gained against bammer in a long time. This will have Nicky ready for a move to Austin, TX!

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Awesome story man. I live in Tulsa, OK. I was watching the game downstairs with some friends and my wife was watching the game upstairs with my grandmother and two year old son. On 4th&18 I heard a huge scream from upstairs before I even saw Marshall throw the ball. I was so confused, but then saw the miracle myself and went crazy myself. The upstairs TV was about 2 seconds ahead of the downstairs TV. I'll be watching upstairs for now on!

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I posted my story in another thread but it seems more appropriate here. I'll copy/paste:

I flew down to Auburn from New York to go to the game this weekend (I moved here 4 years ago for a job opportunity after graduating college). I got back to NYC today and I still can't believe that finish. That 4th quarter was a train wreck.. my friends and I, and the group around us we made chit chat with all game  were all pretty deflated when UGAs defense showed no signs of bending on that last drive. I wasn't going anywhere but I watched that 4th and 17 with my hands over my mouth and nose. I've never heard it go from 0 to 1000 mph like that... it was the most chaotic mind blowing thing I've ever seen at a football game, and very much a miracle. Hi hammer meet head of nail on calling that game the miracle at JHS.

UGAs last attempt was too much for me to handle lol... I watched that with my whole hands on my face.

I'll be talking about my experience for a VERY long time. I picked up a copy of the Opelika Auburn news on Sunday, and I'm taking the front page of the sports section to a custom framing shop in the city with my stub to get it framed up so it can go next to my national championship newspaper.

..just wanted to share my thoughts and my experience. Once I sit down and watch the game on tv I'll probably have more constructive things to add. The cardiac cats are BACK! War Eagle!

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