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Alabama Governor not attending NCG

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What a slap in the face, I bet if Bama was playing he could find time to attend. He has stated he might be too busy.I have always said that time is relevant ,you do what you want to do, and excuses are like,we'll you know!

He's a bamzo, just like his predecessor. His predecessor refused to attend Auburn's NC game in Glendale too but attended bama's in Pasadena.

You can bet the gov of Florida will be there. Bently should be too. It's a slap in the fact to Auburn and all Auburn fans and alumni. I hope we remember that come election time. If he doesn't have time to attend Auburn's NC game then I might not have time to vote for him.

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Since it seems a number of people seem to think that is a big deal, how about someone with the time do some research. Look back at all the previous BCS title games and see how many were attended by the governor of the state of one or both of the participating schools.

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This may sound totally off base but I would rather him stay here to recruit Boeing to this state....

Where in Al are they looking at putting it?

I believe the state's candidate city is Huntsville

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