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BCS game in Auburn

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So, watching the SEC Championship game in Auburn didn't happen. Must mean I'm supposed to be there for the BCS!

Anyone heard anything about AU doing this? They tried in 2011, but got iced out.

My question is are they going to have too much demand for the Arena and have to use Jordan-Hare?

We will be there with our TP ready. Just need to know how to dress! :wareagle:



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Classes don't start back til that Wednesday, but I'm guessing any students who aren't going to the game will likely be back in Auburn by Monday. If the arena fills I'm sure they'll have a backup plan ready. We haven't gotten any sort of email or anything about that yet though (think they've had their hands full with the student ticket lottery as it is!).

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Hi guys! We just cannot make the trip to Pasedena this year, but would love to do something for the BCS game. Our son was a bit miffed that we went in 2011 without him :)

Was thinking about making it a trip and going to AU for the game, I know in 2011 they opened the arena for game viewing. Has anyone heard if they are doing this again this year? Did anyone do this, and was it worth going to? Its not a big trip, we are about 3.5 hours away and just thought it might be fun to go down there since we can't go to Cali.


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They ended up not opening the Arena because of the weather. My family went and stayed at the Hotel at AU. We watched the game in their banquet room on two large screens. It was loads of fun and after the game we all ran into the streets with our TP. If you can't be at Pasadena, AU is the next best place!

I did watch the IB this year in arena. Lots of fun.

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