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The Next Great Cam at Auburn?

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With Tre's declaring for the NFL draft, I've got to believe Cameron Artis-Payne has got a good lead going into spring. From what I saw this year, with a little polishing, CAP can be a VERY good back. I also like what I hear from Tre Mason in that he's not even the best back on the team, but Peyton Barber is! Plus, Rudy Ford, Corey Grant, and ROC???? Plus, Marshall as a glorified throwing running back. Having Tre back would have been great, but I think we will still have a tremendous rushing attack.

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Plenty of talent at RB. We might see more switching off at RB, like most teams do -- Gurley/Marshall at UGA, Yeldon/Drake/Henry at Bama, etc. It is rare and very special to have a back as capable and durable as TM was. But being able to change up in the backfield gives the defenses more to worry about.

Malzahn and Lashley will have a lot to work with, but it's not just about running the ball. Reading, blocking, ball security, durability and ball handling with NM are also important. That's why TM was so impressive. Not sure if any one guy can step into his shoes.

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