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Why I Hate bama

Proud Tiger

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On 5/8/2021 at 11:06 AM, Slammer1 said:

I would bet my house that whomever owns that pickup truck never spent one day in  the classroom  at UA. Typical  bama fan. SMH!! WDE!!! 

That is just as arrogant in reply! 

I took one summer class at Auburn, but went to Yale.  I have been an Auburn fan since Sullivan and Beasley, my Dad has been one since the fifties, and he doesn't have a college education.  The farmer in him still is angry with Bryant for calling Auburn a cow college.

How many Auburn fans never stepped foot on campus EXCEPT for a game?

Do we need to drop our fandom because we went to a different school?  

I guess we are third rate since we didn't go to school there.  Y'know, just sidewalk fans, right?

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