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If you could change one thing from this season. .

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Some may not remember this but we were up 12 against bam and we had them on a 4th and 2. They got 3 on a sweep or swing pass (can't remember which one).... Next play, Amari Cooper's wide open post route for a TD.

Stop them on 4th down, we score again and it's a totally different ball game..

I also agree on the fumbles against TA&M. Maybe these plays will make our guys more hungry next year...

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Spreading the ball around more...

(IMO) Too few touched the ball resulting in a slowing of player development, Which also helped give the opposition a better guess in who to look out for. Got to where they just sealed the ends and played CAP hard. If by then the whistle wasn't blown look for the long ball; otherwise it's was a too often dropped short pass.

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Mine would be the offense pass interference call in the MSU game. I think our season turned on that call.

If I could change one play, I agree with this one. It's hard to blame one call for a loss, but I think if the proper no-call was made on that play, we beat MSU.

If I could change one "thing", it would be all the police problems, unknown problem with Threzie at the beginning of the season and Whitehead's "whatever it was" difficulty. Poor leadership and example setting from this senior class was as disappointing as the losses, and IMHO, had a lot to do with those losses.

That being said, my pre-season prediction was 9-3 so they didn't do much worse that I expected. Of course, I had hoped they'd finish 15-0 but 9-3 looked about right for this team after the losses of Lawson and Kozan to injury, Threzie's early absence and the legal clashes of Marshall and Mincy.

This is going out on a limb here and it's all heresay, so don't burn me for it. Someone I was speaking with a few days ago had an interesting theory that they'd happened upon among the internets.

Here goes:

Word was, when Whitehead had his "thing" it was actually an argument with one of the Def. coaching asst's which turned into a shoving and shouting match. Obviously, EJ is not the type to let that slide and wanted him gone, permanently. He assumed it was basically a foregone conclusion and when CGM said it was not going to happen (CGM wanted him to stay on, idk why again, just rumors and speculation.), CEJ was turned off, naturally. Anyhow, as the season progressed, the respective coaches for the two sides of the ball (OFF/DEF) were barely speaking to each other by the time the Ironbowl came about.

Now, this seems WAY out there at first brush but if you think about it, it could be real. I mean, Whitehead got tossed around, what.. 2nd, 3rd game of the season? Our def. was good for the first 5 games. You mix in a battle of heads with CGM, and CEJ, with the two speaking less and less, and it could be a recipe for a disastrous season on defense. (Disclaimer: It gets REALLY weird here and is purely a train of thought I'm on right this second. This is not true to any of my knowledge, again, speculation only.) Maybe CEJ wanted to get out of there after that. Maybe he tanks a game (UGA)? Maybe he calls a miss play here or there? Who knows.

I do know this though, I haven't seen a defense regress that much, that quickly in a hot long while.

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Gus being conservative,not ever using tempo,botching in the red zone on horrible calls.He lost us State and Bama sorry he sucked this year. I think turmoil w db coach between whitehead,holsey unfairly did ellis in from what ive read. What was the issue secondary and whitehead and hosley got in verbal altercations w whoever db coach is the dude from Clemson. Their was no chemistry,communication in the secondary cuz of the fighting.

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SillyWilly, I mean no disrespect but whoever you heard that from is way, way off base. Their idea is quite silly, Willie. :)

No no, none taken at all. Like I said, it was all something that was discussed over the world wide web of lies. Just the way the series of events happened with that story, it did tie up everything rather nicely.

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Shon Coleman from starting and Greg Robinson from graduating early. Completely selfish, but Shon's first holding charge against MSU killed a 20 yard pass that could've eventually led to 14-7 instead of 21-0, and then you have a whole nother can of worms.

If we win, it could've been 8-0 and 1st in the playoff instead of 7-1 and 3rd. He also had drive killing holding charges in a bevy of other games.

He might be the strongest OLinemen we got, but his pass blocking skills leaves a LOT to be desired

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