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I love Auburn

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Hi this is my intro post to AUFamily, some of may seen it on facebook!

I'm a football fan from Scotland. I like pro football have always been a big fan of NFL and in college I've mainly followed the players such as Tebow, Manziel, Newton, Clausen, Ingram and wanted them to do well on their teams.

Last year I said I would root for bama since I was going to visit Alabama for the first time and I liked some of their previous players I went to Tuscaloosa for the first time too and did a tour (my girlfriend lives in Mobile,AL) I went to the stores bought a lot of merch and stuff for my room though something didn't feel right...

I don't mean this about every Alabama fan but I couldn't help but feel a large part of their fan base are that dumb redneck racists who just shout roll tide at everything I had my doubts about what I just got into.

Anyways my girlfriend and her family are auburn fans (her grandad was a major auburn fan) they explained to me how auburn is a better school and all the bad stuff and about Alabama fans though I thought they were just messing.

Skip forward this summer and my second visit to Alabama

I visited her grandmas home and saw her granddads old office it was orange and blue with pictures of the old aubie logo and pics of Nova etc.

I felt a genuine connection to Auburn it was sentimental as opposed to a football team with cool Nike apparel. I'm also a baseball and basketball fan and the history with Barkley and Bo is awesome

The Tigers to me have that family feeling as opposed to the savage and ruthless Alabama fans who will aggressively say they are better.

...yeah there maybe alabama A's and apparel everywhere you go but that's what cool about Auburn is they aren't always the favourite or the most loved a saying I like to say is "we all we got, we all we need"

I am writing this message as I am back in Scotland now and got all that crappy red/crimson whatever they calling it out that didn't suit me,anyways and gonna throw that crap on eBay!

I have spent a lot of money in stores like Bama Fever/Tiger Pride, Walmart and Ross to get my wardrobe straight for the new season, boy oh boy does orange and blue look damn good on me. I was sitting on the bus and someone said war eagle to me and I said it back that was an awesome feeling.

I have not been to Jordan-Hare before but I really want to go to a game there next!

I AM ORANGE AND BLUE and hope to get to know you all I hope I am welcome and if you want to friend me you can


Win lose or tie auburn till I die


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Well I'm glad you finally got to #50 weagle. Good story and thanks for sharing. Post often and the Yankees lost again crap...............

Thanks mate, ....I know meh hopefully its just a one off and they can keep it going.

Welcome to the family. War Eagle!!

Thanks buddy



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