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Note on 1st down Production

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Production on first down:

  • From 1992-2015, Auburn is 132-27-2 (.826) during games they average more yards per first down plays than their opponent. In games the opponent averaged more yardage on first down, Auburn is 65-67-0 (.492).

  • Over the past 24 years, Auburn is 62-10-2 (.851) in games Auburn had at least 30 snaps on first down and averaged over 6-yards per play. This included an average of 39.7 PPG.


  • During the past three seasons, Gus Malzahn's Auburn Tigers are 19-4-0 (.826) in games they outperform the opponent on first down and 8-9-0 (.471), when they don't.

  • During Auburn's last 30 games, the Tigers have split the first-down battle with their opponent, compiling a 12-3 record when Auburn wins the battle and 6-9 when they lose it.

  • Combing the 1993, 2004, 2010 and 2013 seasons, Auburn won the first down battle in 35 of 52 games (67.3%). The Tigers averaged 6.81 yards per play on first down combined.


  • Defensively, Auburn has struggled in this area from 2010-2014, finishing no higher than No. 60 on first-down defense. Under Will Muschamp, Auburn made a vast improvement, moving up from their No. 95 ranking in 2014 to No. 39 in 2015. The improvement was much needed, but unfortunately, it came during a season the Auburn offense struggled on first down.

  • Throughout 1992-2015, Auburn is 56-42-0 in games the Tiger defense allowed at least 6-yards per play on first down.

  • 39.6% of the games Auburn's defense allowed over 6-yards per play on first down from 1992-2015, came during the past seven seasons (2009-2015). That is an average of 5.4 times per season from 2009-2015 and 3.4 times per season from 1992-2008.

  • The Auburn offense finished at No. 11 in first down offense during 2013. Auburn dropped to No. 41 in 2014 and even further to No. 101 in 2015. The offensive skid on first down must be addressed in 2016, especially when it appears the defense might have made a major turn in the right direction.

  • From 1992-2015, there have been 15 seasons Auburn averaged more per play on first down than their opponent averaged. The Tigers compiled a win percentage of .761 during those 15 seasons. During the nine seasons the opponent average better than Auburn on first down, the Tigers compiled an overall win percentage of .527.

  • Winning on first down is essential on both sides of the football as it dictates the flow of the game with a direct effect on third down situations. From 1992-2015, Auburn has converted 44.4 percent of their third down situations, when averaging over 6-yards per play on first down and 37.6 percent of their third down situations otherwise.

  • From 1992-2015, Auburn has compiled a record of 97-7-2, when the Tigers win the first and third down battles during the same game. This includes a record of 13-1 under Gus Malzahn (2013-2015).

  • Winning the first down battle is strongly influenced by the talent level and depth on the OL and DL's, but play-calling has a strong effect too. From 1992-2012 excluding years under Gus Malzahn's offense, Auburn ran the ball 65.6% of the time on first down. Under Gus Malzahn, the Auburn offense has run the ball 78.4% of the time.

  • When you consider 44.6 percent of the yardage totaled (offense & defense) in an Auburn football game from 1992-2015 comes on first down, playing well on first down is essential.


  • Throughout the 80 games under the offensive control of Gus Malzahn, Auburn has netted over 400-yards on 51 occasions. Auburn is 42-9 during those 51 games, averaging 6.63 yards per play on first down. During the 51 games of 400-yards or more, 43.3% of the yardage gained came on first down.

  • From 2008-2015, Alabama's average ranking on first down defense is No. 13 nationally with six top-10 finishes during the past eight seasons. Their ability to suffocate their opponent on first down, allows them to dictate the opponent's next move, making the opponent predictable offensively.

  • Auburn's defense has an average national ranking of No. 72 in first down defense from 2008-2015. Auburn's No. 39 finish in 2015 was their best ranking since 2007, when Auburn finished at No. 27.

  • From 2007-2015 Arkansas, Auburn, Kentucky and Texas A&M are the only teams in the SEC without a single finish in the Top-25 of first down defense.

War Eagle!

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Stat, throughout the 80 games under the offensive control of Gus Malzahn, I would like to see the 1st Down run-pass ratio after achieving a 1st Down.

I would have to imagine that run is VERY high, not just because of last year, but because, even going back to Cam, the HUNH takes advantage of lining up quick and snapping it, in order to hit the line quickly in hopes that the other team isn't ready. It worked back when we were able to really hurry, though it usually worked better in the second half when the opposing D was hands on hips.

Part of the detriment of speed is that there isn't time to get a play in. The team has to have a set play ready to run, which also accounts for why it's often the same play, over and over. That's why I think Gus's offense would seriously benefit from having a QB that he trusts to call plays from the line. Just having 3 or 4 different wrinkles from the same formation, that the QB could call with his cadence, could make things even more effective while waiting for the defense to get tired.

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Thanks for the poop how is the recovery process...still working re-hab? Hope it's manageable. :thumbsup:

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Thanks for the poop how is the recovery process...still working re-hab? Hope it's manageable. :thumbsup:/>

Good... Thanx for asking. Hope to be cleared to return to work on March 15.

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