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Baylor issues UPDATE - Baylor fires football coach Art Briles

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no politics here guys take it to the correct forum if you want to discuss

Sorry Golf, I thought it was relevant to the Baylor football story.

No biggie and it wasn't directed just to you.


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Ooops....stumbled into the political forum where people only see what they want to see....and the facts be damned.

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I work as an administrator in higher education and the reports of what's been going on there are asinine and appalling. Not only is the Baylor football program gonna crumble to pieces but Baylor itself will face major repercussions as well. Sexual assault is taken very seriously in higher education and the fact they didn't even investigate the claims may have their federal funding taken from them. I'm interested to see what happens with this in the future.

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Gotta give the Baylor trustees some credit .....took a while but they did not hold back.

From some earlier reports one of the things on Briles was accepting the transfer of the guy from Boise State....who had some serious baggage. At the time, I thought he would get away with it....but I guess the sum of the issues got him and Petersen had more credibility in the issue.


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Briles was at BU far longer than Jones has UTk. The allegations are similar, without question.

It will still need to play out. You can find, various articles on the UTk, deal and very little, officially. Found one that states, "UT AD stands behind Jones'......

If anything, MAYBE, Baylor response, so far, might influence their actions. I imagine victims will pursue a legal course in Knoxville as well. That removes a certain amount of ability for an institutional cover up. It still could be attempted. Knoxville will be an awfully friendly court system to UT, imo.....Tallahassee lite.

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