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Do NOT post premium content / Rules Reminder

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A lot of new faces so thought we could just use a quick reminder of the The Rules...

5) No "unsubstantiated" rumors. Rule of thumb, if you dont have a link for it, don't post it. Keeps the goofy stuff to a minimum. In some cases we may make an exception on what's considered a legit source. Just don't hallucinate new rumors. We are not Tider Insider.

6) When referring to an article, give us a link, ALWAYS! If there is no link, then give us bibliography type info, as in author, article name, magazine-book title, etc. We understand that there might not be an Internet link for Callier's December 1941.

7) Do not post info from AU Premium Sites. We are all friends here in the AUFAMILY. We respect their sites and we have pretty good relations with other sites' admins too. Do not make us look like a dimestore version by ripping their efforts off. We are a free site. We are supported by sponsors and donations. We know we cannot at present compete with the total insider information/recruiting business plan. We specialize in hard info and humor. It's what we do.


Thanks in advance for your adherence and support of these simple rules which will ensure the long-term success of this board.

War Eagle!

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To address another question I've received:

The above includes not posting tweets from AU fans or links to other sites which have summarized/copied premium info. Obviously, any tweets from publicly known quantities (i.e., beat writers, premium writers) / links to free content are fair game.

Thanks again for understanding the importance of keeping this Board in good standing with the entire Auburn Family.

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