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AU Football All-Access Podcast: LSU Game Review....

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DougĀ  and I had a noticeable lift in our step, and I think, lilt in our voice doing this podcast. While we have no illusions that everything "has been solved" for this 2016 Auburn team on offense, only a fool would deny themselves a wee bit of celebrating in the wake of an Auburn win over SEC West rival LSU. Not much to celebrate, however, for Les Miles, save that big fat buyout check.



Going into the September 24th Auburn vs LSU matchup, pundits jokingly dubbed it a "loser leaves town" matchup between embattled head coaches Gus Malzahn and Les Miles. After Auburn managed to serve up a relentless defensive effort and six Daniel Carlson field goals to win the game, the game label would prove to be no joke for Les Miles, who was fired over the weekend just four games into the 2016 season.

If there is 00:01 on the game clock in Jordan-Hare Stadium, then you know something wacky is about to happen, and such was the case in the dramatic finish to the defensive struggle which resulted in an 18-13 win by Gus Malzahn's Auburn Tigers over LSU.

Join show hosts Coach John Ray and Doug Dean as they discuss the latest edition in the wild, nutty, and unpredictable Auburn vs. LSU series.

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