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Spotlighting Kam Martin

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Having Kam Martin and Stanton Truitt step up against Arkansas was great news for an Auburn offense operating without the services of Kerryon Johnson. Both players provide the explosive speed needed at the RB position and have made an impact in the passing game too as receivers out of the backfield. Neither back will be an "every down" back but they certainly can provide a much-needed punch in the offense as role players. It would be nice to see them utilized on special teams in the return game, an area Auburn could use some improvement.

The play...

 photo Arkansas - Martin 51 TD_zpszhujxx6j.jpg

On this play Auburn has a 1st & 10 from their own 49-yard line. Auburn will run a sweep with Kam Martin set up with the speed-sweep motion by Eli Stove. The speed sweep action will freeze the LB's at the snap, allowing Kam Martin the jump start to make it to the edge. Marquel Harrell (LG) pulls on the play to be Martin's lead blocker on the play.

Arkansas must respect Stove in motion and the possibility John Franklin III keeps on the play. Martin takes advantage of his speed to turn the corner and to explode down the side line with his straight line speed. Kam Martin out runs the Arkansas secondary to the end zone for a 51-yard score.

LSU had success pulling their tackle against Ole Miss and collapsing their TE on the DE. Leonard Fournette broke two long TD runs outside the tackle against the Rebels. Ole Miss will likely bring their safeties up for run support this Saturday, which will open up the vertical passing game. Last year, Auburn hit 4 pass plays for a total of 181-yards, making the Rebels pay for selling out to defend the run.

Martin and Truitt have 6 impact plays on 54 offensive touches or 1 every 9.0 plays. Kamryn Pettway and Kerryon Johnson have totaled 15 impact plays on 234 combined snaps. This break downs to 1 every 15.6 snaps.

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Good stuff as always. Hope SW can hit a deep ball or ten as that's the one area he's consistently been slightly off. If he does hit those we could put a real hurting on some black bears. WDE!

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Does anyone know the 40 speeds of Truitt and Martin? I would guess each runs somewhere in 4.4 range. When we have JFIII, Kam, and Truitt in the backfield at the same time has to put tremendous pressure on any defense. Each one can take it to the house in a heartbeat.

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