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Georgia - Preview

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Back to some thoughts on Georgia: 

Read a couple of interesting things today. After only out rebounding 3 of our first 10 opponents, were have out rebounded our last 2 (Oklahoma and UConn). 

Georgia features one of Harper's high school teammates in 4 man Ogbiede, who starts for the bulldogs. 

I've also heard that Harper has some ill will for Georgia after his home state school didn't recruit him very hard. 

Hopefully, he plays his usual game and doesn't press due to these added factors. We need him and Johnson to play well tonight. 

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I like the idea of heron at 2

i hope that reduces his rebounding responsibilities.  He is so good going to the glass, imagine if he is more free to fast break.

i think all of this switching requires spencer to play the 4 and to have about 8 pts and 7-ish boards a game with a block or 2.  My feeling is if he can't do that then he will be sitting and watching mclemore get his minutes.  Because mclemore is gonna get to the glass.

regarding brown ... if heron is moved then brown better light it up from outside or he won't see the court very much 

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4 hours ago, JwgreDeux said:

Size is good, I agree. 

Generally speaking your statement on transition defense I agree with as well, but Harper is never going to the offensive glass, unless a long rebound bounces right to him. Whoever is playing 2 is not going to stay in and rebound either unless he is literally caught under the basket, otherwise he too will get out of there to get back on defense. You act as if every position on the floor is interchangeable in rebounding and transition defense assignments, and the simply are not. I am confident you know what you are talking about and have played the game based on some of your insights, but they way you describe certain things I think will mislead the more casual basketball fans on here. 

No once again I'm very specific, moving from 2 to 3 is easy. 4 to 5 shouldn't be too hard. 4 to 3 will be difficult but as far as Purifoy goes he already trained to play 3 and he's played 3 his entire life adjust high level competition. But it's expected for a swing man to play either wing and post to be able other post positions. That's just basketball. 

As far as rebounding and transitioning assignments that again is more common sense than actual x and o' wouldn't take more than a week to get a feel for that. It's nothing more than where you are on the floor when the ball go's not rocket science at all

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