My Security Camera Project.

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Good work guys.....was thinking about something like that ..maybe wireless....but my house has 400 + SF of windows ...most 6' x 6' ....finally figured it I made it too hard on the bad guys they would just throw a brick though one of them and walk we have minimum security I hate to say...other than living half way up a mountain on a dead end street. 

Nice looking home BB42 and attractive family....:thumbsup:

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3 hours ago, Bigbens42 said:

You need to find out if your Swann system exposes an RTSP path to interface with Sighthound. I was able to get the Lorex system to play nice with my automation unit, but, alas, I can't take advantage of any of the motion detection capabilities. Can't promise it will play nice. Does Sighthound offer a trial? Might not be a bad idea to trial it and noodle around. 

I've got an RTSP path ... but from a network perspective, is there anything I need to do other than currently how it's setup (network going straight into DVR) ... e.g., NVR intermediary?

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