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Ole Miss Preview (and a bit of a Vandy review)

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Ole Miss vs. Auburn (M Basketball)

Bruce Pearl recently said what I have been saying for weeks, that the defense we have been seeing is a lack of execution not a lack of effort. 

That is the key to this team getting back on track. 

I wrote earlier in the season we had to win our home games and tonight's is one we need desperately. 

Losing at Vandy in and of itself isn't anything to be ashamed of, but the fact we were never in that game is what was discouraging. However, with the youth on this team big swings of inconsistency are to be expected. A couple of things in that game. Even after getting down Big our defense allowed them to keep getting wide open jump shots. That has to stop. However, I saw a few series where Wiley looked like a grown man and Harper kept that game from being a 30 point or more loss. So let's take that as a good sign and forget the rest of that trip. 

Ole Miss is beatable. It's hard to expect what we will look like but I sure expect the defense to improve. Rebounding will be better if defense is better simply due to proper positioning. But we will see 

Ole Miss doesn't do anything that we aren't able to counter, not overly talented or complex. 

Simply put this game is about Auburn. To have any post season hopes we have to improve on defense. Georgia or  Vandy over powered us, they got open shots, too many of them. It doesn't take size to be in proper position, our breakdowns are not due to any roster deficiencies. 

Will be watching Brown and Spencer for their minutes as they are two of our better defenders. 

War Eagle.

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By the way we are a home favorite at -3 and still have a respectable RPI in the 80s. 

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