Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

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21 hours ago, Auctoritas said:

I chose my words carefully. I didn't say "thought", I said "knew". SW did not have an extensive injury history prior to this year. One knee injury does not a glass man make (particularly when he tried to play through it). 

You could have suspicions that he might be injury prone prior to the season, but you couldn't KNOW. Unless you were clairvoyant, anyway. 

Obviously no one can predict a pinpoint injury to the date. I alluded to possible injury numerous times in pre-season due to the fact we lost both OTs and that White oft times stays too long in the pocket.

And yes...White was injured twice in 2015.

Add those 3 factors together and it was a recipe for another injury.

Like I said...speak for yourself.

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1 minute ago, Timeslider 6 said:

anybody see any ASU games this year, and how does this guy call a game?

cannot take anything from ASU this year. go back and look at his southern miss tape. their top 3 qbs got hurt at ASU this year.

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