My evaluations off of their film are as follows ranking in order as well. Emory Jones - Tall and lean not as fast as you would think on the football field.  Strong arm, very accurate, throws a very catchable ball, understands touch and trajectory for ball placement.  Needs to add weight and shorten his arm motion.  He can also complete passes with pressure in his face. Justin Fields - Great frame and could play around 6-3 225.  Runs more then Jones does.  Has strong arm but not as accurate as Jones.  Footwork needs improving but his OL puts him in bat throwing stances, needs to work on touch passes.  Throwing motion is nice. Cordell Littlejohn - Nice frame. Needs to add weight.  Another strong armed QB maybe not as strong as Fields/Jones but throws a very nice ball.  Can tell he's a competitor on the field.  Can run but looks to pass first.  Longer throwing motion but not as long as Jones.  Accurate and has good ball placement but not as high level as Jones.   Jarren Williams - Smaller then any listed here.  6' 1" maybe.  Football player that plays QB.  Decent arm and getting better as he progresses as a QB.  Good speed.  Deserves his 3 star rating.  Probably could play another position if beat out by another QB.   Gerry Bohanon - Right size and build.  Looks like a High School defensive end playing QB.  Decent ball skills and decent arm strength.  More of a run first kind of QB.  Doesn't have the throwing skills of the ones above.  Athlete playing QB.  Add to that the competition he plays against is absolutely horrible.  
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