Saban has idea to change season schedule

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bdc81    4

Expanding the playoffs and shortening the regular season.  18 yo should not play 15 games year

8 top rated conference champions get invite to playoffs-would make every FBS count for something   Would not see any further conference expansion.

10 game regular season

Conference championship game

The 8 teams in the playoff will have enough depth to play 14 games

Play a FCS or mid major in the Spring game-no one would care who won except the FCS schools.  I'd pay admission just to see who had advanced as a player in Spring Practice


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meh130    88

Agree with power ratings, vs. the smoke filled room we have now. Do think conference champions should get points added because conferences should matter.

Agree with more Power-5 games.

Disagree with more SEC games unless conference expansion is driver. I think Saban sees the SEC-West/SEC-East see-saw of power, and believes more cross-division games would help balance that out. But it could also end up with a very unbalanced SEC-CG.

Agree with separating non-Power-5 into separate D-1 sub-division, but it could create problems from a conference realignment and money standpoint. Non-Power-5 teams would seek to join Power-5 conferences for $$, Power-5 conferences would seek expansion for $$, Power-5 conferences would seek to evict low $$ schools. It may require Power-5/non-Power-5 revenue sharing to avoid chaos.

Don't agree with no non-Power-5 games, unless overall games were reduced, more bye weeks added, and Power-5/non-Power-5 revenue sharing was developed. Another consideration of all Power-5 schedule is player development. When do second stringers get to play if no weaker teams on the schedule? Do we bring back freshman ineligibility, freshman teams, JV teams, etc.? NFL has a pre-season for a reason.

Do agree with no FCS games.

Do agree with expanding CFP (8 teams at most). But also believe regular season game reduction should be considered with CFP expansion. We are at 15-game season now, up from 12 just two decades ago.

Do agree with earlier CFP games (before New Years). The quarter-finals should not be part of the bowl game system. Seed based on transparent system: Conference champions (not power ratings) determine home field advantage, avoid regular season repeats if possible. Quarterfinal losers would be major bowl eligible, quarterfinal winners proceed to bowl-based semi-finals.

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