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2017 Fall Camp - Tue, Aug 1 (Day 2)

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4 hours ago, api1957 said:

I think I'm missing something. Who stole what now? 

Nobody stole anything.  Brandon Marcello claimed on Twitter that we were stealing content from his site.  When challenged to point to *anything* to back that up, it's been crickets.

We have to remind people from time to time not to post premium content here and we remove it.  I'm sure some stuff slips through though.  But in lieu of being a grown up and contacting the owner or any of the site admins to show us where this was happening, he decided to put us on blast on Twitter.  So now he's the face palm emoji here and deservedly so.

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3 hours ago, AUpreacherman22 said:

First time I have seen J Davis in an interview. I was impressed!  He does have a big "Eddie Murphy-esque" smile!

Yes. I like to see these interviews. Gives a personality to the guy you see not just a number. He was impressive. 

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10 minutes ago, WarDamnEagleWDE said:

Now now. 

...says the guy with a Brandon Marcello avatar. :Sing::Sing:

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