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Fantasy Football?

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Congrats on grabbing that belt and best wishes for some Ws at home, brother. 

If I could pick a retro QB it’d be Randall Cunningham. He’d feast in today’s offensive friendly NFL. 

Appreciate all the insight! Have always been curious about it,  but have never decided a good place to start.  I thought this one would be laid back enough and helpful.  And it gives me a chance to ki

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On 8/21/2020 at 7:50 PM, Coastal Tiger said:

Going by draft order....

1. Jeff's Team --- @aujeff11

2. ForWhomTheOdellTolls --- @aubearcat

3. BoKnowsUrTeamIsWeak --- frat brother I had join league last year to fill the league

4. LOOFBALLS --- @McLoofus

5. Auc's Docs --- @Auctoritas

6. AubWins Resistance --- @AUBwins

7. Tiger Style --- @Tiger

8. jAUson's Team --- @jAUSon

9. Coastal Tiger --- @Coastal Tiger

10. Auburntiger1987 --- @auburntiger1987

11. Weathergeakal --- @weathergeakal

12. Gurley Magazines --- @GwillMac6


Just bumping this to remind people we are playing lol.  It seems there are only a few making roster adjustments etc. Crazy first week with the injuries. 

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Thielen on trade block for a RB2. I just can't take another week 7 Bye since both my starters are week 7. Trying to beef up my RBbackups/Flex before I have to play Loof and his 200 point weeks lol

@Tiger did you get yours working yet? 

@jAUSon are you around? I think you have forgotten about us. :)

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