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Deshaun Davis pregame routine

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Auburn LB Deshaun Davis has a lifelong fan, a unique pre-game routine ...


No doubt, Tiger Walk gets me turnt! The fans are awesome! But this pre-game routine is by far the best and most important to me! The last 2 years EVERY home game this little guy stands in the the end zone, smiles and waves at me the ENTIRE time I'm walking the field preparing for battle. Soon as I get close enough he sticks his arms out and almost leaps into my arms! According to his family he even includes me in his nightly prayer. The kid prays for me every night! I don't know what I did to be so special to him but he's done everything and more for him to forever be special to me. You can look at him and see the joy in his face when seeing me. The glow after games when I give him my gloves and sleeves. It's just so real!! I thank Kiah Phillips and Hayden Phillips for sharing Thomas with me! I've grown to love this guy more than he can understand!!!

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Smart kid. It's impossible to quantify, but if there were some way to calculate the sum total of a player's contributions on and off the field, I would not be surprised if Davis were one of the most important Auburn players of the last 10 years. Well, if this team brings home some hardware in the next year or two, LOL. I also will not be surprised if he comes back to Auburn as a coach someday and is one of those guys that is talked about nationally as a recruiter.

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