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46 minutes ago, StatTiger said:

Thank you for the kind words. Last week I gave the offense a bonus point for a record setting big play performance. This week, I deducted a point for a record setting collapse in scoring. It was the 3rd worst margin of victory after leading by 30 points at halftime since 1981. The average margin of victory when Auburn has led by more than 30 points at halftime is 42.6 points. It was also only the 7th time in 79 games the Auburn offense failed to score a TD after scoring at least 20 points by halftime. Based on previous statistical data, I deducted the first point.


  The 2nd point deduction was also based on stats. With a 32 point lead, Kerryon Johnson had 46% of the carries during the 2nd half. With a 32 point lead, Stidham took 30 of the 36 second half snaps. This is why I mentioned poor personnel usage but it most certainly was based on numbers. I would have been fine with the lack of offensive consistency during the 2nd half had it been because we had reserves on the field but this was not the case. If the starting QB and RB are in for the majority of the 2nd half of a blowout game, I believe one TD drive should be expected. The report card should reflect the entire game but should also reflect situational aspects of the game. I would not have deducted the second point had it not been for the percentage of plays taken by Stidham and Johnson during the second-half.



That makes sense. Thank you for the clarification!

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