Several weeks ago I got caught up in what the moderater termed a flame war. I am still new to boards but there were several statements made that were erroneous. I have gone to a book written by Rich Donnell in 1993 entitled SHUG: The Life and Times of Auburn's ralph "Shug" Jordan and feel that we need to review what happened and why my and so many Auburn fans feelings are so strong. I was a youngster in Auburn when all of this happened and much of this is very familiar to me. SHUG Chapter 12 "In the interests of another institution" As Jordan drove the Tigers to glory in 1957, something kept tugging at him. With his energies channeled into the tremendous task at hand, he usually pushed the discomfort aside. But it was there. The NCAA was again investigating Auburn for recruiting violations, looking specifically into Auburn's recruitment of Guntersville High School quarterback Don Fuell. What frustrated Jordan was that this was Auburn's second such involvement with the NCAA. Auburn was already playing under probation. The NCAA had handed down a punishment in spring 1956, charging Auburn with improper recruiting. The penalty prohibited Auburn from playing in bowl games following the 1956 and 1957 seasons. The penalty may have cost Auburn's 7 3 team a bowl bid in 1956. It undoubtedly cost Auburn's undefeated squad of 1957 a bowl invitation. Rich Donnell, SHUG: The Life and Times of Auburn’s Ralph ‘Shug’ Jordan, Owl Bay Publishers , 1993, PP149-161 ISBB 0-9638568-0-4