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Dual-Threat Rigby

"Every three years"

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You might have guessed, but it’s the three year Auburn luck. There seems to be a span of 3 years between great seasons for this program. 

I’d count 2007 as a great season just because they’re an insane LSU play away from playing the conference championship and at least finishing Top 15. There was a lot of potential for that team just seems that the then coaching staff was at their wits end with stagnancy. You go from there to 2010, then 2013, and I understand it was supposed to be 2016, but I feel like we deserve a mulligan for the fragility of Sean and the backfield. That team when healthy resembled this current team quite a bit honestly.  Really their peak, they had a fire Kyle Davis, more backfield usage, but a worse offensive line. Sean probably wouldn’t have survived that Clemson game, but if he got to progress w this OL and Lindsey, he probably would’ve been comparable to Stid. Anyway I’m off topic


you go before 2007 and of course you got 2004 but topics before that are out my jurisdiction I know 6 years before 04 you had 98 which was awful. Maybe if I stretched it to 3/4 years it’d be more accurate as you could fit 97 and 17 in

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36 minutes ago, AuGrad2004 said:

Here's a fun fact that is probably in another spot.


The last 4 times Auburn beat thUGA (2004, 2005, 2010 & 2013) they also beat bammer.

I hope we can keep that stat going

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