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Dayton - Preview / Review

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Sorry I missed my usual posts for Winthrop, been busy with life. 


We we are back in action, and so am I after a short break. Dayton has a nice ring to it with their recent ncaa success, but this is not the Dayton teams of the last few years. Archie Miller is coaching at IU now and Dayton has turned to Anthony Grant. 

Additionally they lost most of their on court production from last season, and their leading returner only averaged like 5 points last year. 


Auburn is a -4 favorite in the road, and it should probably be higher than that. We are the better team, but we will be playing in front of 10,000 plus hostile fans for the first time and you never know how our four first timers will react.  Too excited can be just as bad as too nervous. 

Daytons best scorer is a 6-5 guard/wing in Davis. They have average size except for their starting center who had a name I️ can’t pronounce and goes 6’11’. Their best player might be 6’7’’ Cunningham who leads them in rebounding and averages 16pts, he has a few double doubles and is a nice player. 

Dayton is 3-2 and struggling to find themselves. They have mixed starting lineups quite a bit and haven’t found their chemistry. They are not a good shooting team to this point and don’t rebound very well either. 

Bottom line, we should win this game if we can handle the environment. Maybe Dayton will get it together latter in the year and a win tonight will look good later. Lose tonight and we will never find out. 

I would look for Okeke to get more minutes to match their size at center, and for our athleticism to give them problems. Hope to see Heron stay aggressive and Brown to continue his improved offense. If we stay out of foul trouble I think we could turn them over quite a bit, so I hope to see high pressure defense on the perimeter. 

Go get it bius. War Eagle!


(typing on my phone, excuse my thumbs)


Well that went just about according to plan. Our pressure defense look good most of the night and forced a poor shooting team into a poor shooting performance. We turned them over quite a bit and took advantage in transition. McLemore had a great night, and presented problems on both ends with his athleticism, and Heron continued his aggressive play with a ncie night as well. We are currently 42 in the Ken Pom which is the highest I recall in some time. Hope to see Dayton get it together and this look like a great win. They play well at home, and our guys handled the environment, and that is an encouraging sign. Okeke had a good night as well, and played a season high in minutes (as predicted). 

Let's not get too high off this win, but be encouraged. War Eagle!


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Should have mentioned we are 46 in Ken Pom and Dayton is outside the top 100

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Opening keys to game graphic....sound familiar? 


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