Peach Bowl Ticket Prices

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5 hours ago, Planner4Hire said:

With UCF buying their entire allotment, don't they have the ability to ask for more (like another block or something)?

With that, I know some have speculated ticket prices will be lower, or at least, more attainable; with UCF selling all of theirs, does this line of thinking still hold true? 
Never been to a bowl game before, this might be my first, so I want to not over pay if I can help it. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

List price on bowl tickets is ridiculous.  I've got a buddy who has been buying four Peach Bowl tickets for the last handful of years on the promise that he would have priority on CFP National Championship tickets at MBS this year (which he did not get).  He called me Tuesday to offer me his tickets to our game.  When he told me he paid $250 apiece I laughed.  

At the Outback bowl three years ago I found out that unsold tickets were not discounted or dumped and there were thousands available at the ticket window on game day.  I was not going to pay face value, but there was not a glut of tickets on the street.  I bit the bullet early on the Sugar Bowl last year because we traveled with our family and I wasn't going to take the chance of not being able to get 5 together.  Looking at tickets on Craigslist here in Atlanta and on eBay it is looking like secondary market tickets are not going to bid up too badly.  Pretty sure this game is or will be sold out, but I'm betting there will be decent tickets at below face value.  

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Technically most of  these games sell out because agencies buy batches to make travel packages and such .Don't know if they get discounts or what but prices are usually  all over the place from what I see....but rarely cheap.....but available.

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