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On ‎12‎/‎6‎/‎2017 at 8:20 PM, aujeff11 said:


That would be a gauntlet for the south division....

You need to place LSU in the other division and leave us where we are.

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I am not a smart guy but I know this:

with our record, we would have won the SEC before there were divisions based on W-L.

Our reward for beating bama and UGA?  Play UGA again and give them a 2nd chance.

Georgia's reward for losing to us?  Full scout film their 1's vs our 1's in the game that mattered much more to us- they didn't have to beat us to advance.  

Bama's reward for losing late in the season and not winnning their division? Go the CFB Playoff.

This system is not right.   Very bad... they didn't win their division!!!

Also, time to drop kick this tradition crap!!   We don't need to play UGA and bama  both within 2 or 3 weekends.  Our reward for a great year?  Play the SECE winner the next week!  Why do we want to play probably 3 ranked (or highly ranked opponents) everytime we have a good season

bama isn't saddled with that disadvantage every year

UGA isn't saddled with that disadvantage every year

LSU?  Nope.       UF?   Nope


This is dumb.  And don't argue, "if you're good, you beat good teams."  Injuries were a huge factor in the SEC-CG.  injuries were a huge factor that ended our run in Nov '16, made only worse by bama and UGA practically back to back.  

Play UGA every year, but spread the UGA and bama games out.  I love tradition, but I don't love my calendar more than I want a healthy Auburn team.

The AD needs to fix this mess.   This is right up there with "Birmingham is neutral."  

Dumb, dumb, dumb.  Spread these games out.  Name one other powerhouse that plays their 2 arch rivals and conf championship within 3-4 weeks?  Dumb!

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