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coaching staff, players, and fans.....

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what do ya hope they get for christmas?

fans...bipolar meds

coaching staff....GUS.......a nose cone so he will quit picking his nose on natty tv and giving the bummers something to post all over facebook.

football players....medals for valor in the line of duty! love me some auburn tigers!


try to keep it light but maybe this is not too silly for some to participate in.........just meant to be fun

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I hope the players all get a new dodge and a really nice suit for Christmas ... oops - wait - wrong forum

I hope the players all know how much we appreciate and love them - they poured it on until they poured it all out.

I hope the coaches get a really long stocking filled all they way to the bottom (depth!) and find new ways to use it all.

I hope Tigers Unlimited lets us check off an option so us sunshine pumpers can sit together even when times aren't so sunshiney.

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 I hope with Kevin Steele turning down the Tennessee head coach position. He is staying as long as Gus is the coach and/or the defense stays dominant.

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