Any former Auburn players here

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On 3/7/2018 at 2:21 PM, aucanucktiger said:

Walked on as a kicker during del Greco's time & got to be a moving tackle dummy. Is that helpful info? ;D But I'm not bitter. Promise. Really.

Outstanding.  Did by chance you ever meet Jorge Portela?

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My Great Grandfather got a scholarship to Auburn when scholarships were rare! He didn’t have a way to get down there (from Athens) so he hitchhiked and eventually rolled into town on a turnip truck!  He broke his leg in practice a day or so before the first game and they  rescinded his scholarship! Lol.... He had to hitchhike back to Athens with a broken leg because he couldn’t afford to attend Auburn without that scholarship! 🙀 He ended up having 15 children, became a State Senator and fantastic preacher.  He passed away in 77’ I think.  

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