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4 hours ago, steeleagle said:

With the number of pitches Davis has thrown, it doesn't look like he would start this weekend. BT may have wanted to try someone else for this weekend all along.

I'm betting he did not expect DD to throw so many pitches when he sent him in last night....had one out to get in the 7th and with some effective pitching might have been able to get out of the 8th with a dozen or so pitches but gave up 4 hits and ended up with 33 pitches....which was only slightly better than Mitchell who had 37 pitches in less than 2 innings.    

Meanwhile, in the 8th,  I think it was, AU went down on just 5 pitches.....or maybe it was six.....:angry:  .

JMO but this game did little to get the team mentally prepared for this weekend. 

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Hopefully the mentality changes this weekend. These guys have looked defeated over the last few games. It’s just easy to tell when they’re fixing to fall apart. A good two werkyear nfs could get us back in track to even host. A bad two weeks and it could spell no post season at all. 

RPI even after loss at Samford still 12th in the country. 

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