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Grimes updates the o line

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4 hours ago, brad5628AU said:

Was reading something from Grimes where he said he thought Tega was heading All-SEC good. Do you still feel much differently on him than Grimes? Feel like I hear this stuff so often around this time that I don’t know how much stock to put into this comment.

Really excited for the toughness to come out of this OL. Will go a long way IMO.


Wow, great article!  Thanks for posting.

"To make Wanogho focus on that aspect of his game, Grimes used rubber “handcuffs” that are common in offensive line drills.

He improved, but it came at a cost.

“I saw him from Day 1 to Day 15, make extremely good strides when it came to that,” Grimes said. “But he’s so strong, he’s broken three pairs. This guy is extremely strong. I’ve never had anybody do that."


“He has just shown up in my office and will sit and visit more, which I like, to build that relationship with a young man,” Grimes said. “I like that kid, man. I think he’s a pretty tough guy too … he’s got some toughness to him.” 

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Wanogho got significant playing time last year, even after he lost his starting position after the first four games.

He started against Arkansas, came in at LT in the 2nd quarter against aTm when James went out at RT (Golson moving from LT to RT), and came in early against UGA when James went out.

He has the physical capability, and he has experience. He just needs some better coaching.

I think Grimes is just the guy to do it.

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10 hours ago, alexava said:

No. I expect an ad to exercise common sense ( first) in dealing with the hiring and firing of head coaches. If he couldn’t look at the track record of our basketball program and see how big Bruce is to our athletic department and decide how much of a personal problem to work around..... either Bruce was contributing to the rules violations and terminated or he wasn’t and we all work together to repair the damage. It’s just that simple. I guess I should give him credit for agreeing with me on this?? We had an AD who got blamed for everything that ever went wrong his fault or not.  Now we are giving credit to the new guy for doing what any self thinking administrator would do automatically. But I am glad he did what he did. I’m a Greene fan so far. Leath, maybe not but athletics is probably not his priority. 

. Greene is a good guy and I am happy with the job he is doing. We are going to see an AD who will make sure we are competitive on a high level for years to come.

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