Baseball at Ole Miss Game 3

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1 hour ago, WDEKC said:

Agreed, even after getting swept, our RPI is still at 12. We get to .500 in SEC play and I'd guess we are hosting.

It will be close. Our RPI needs report says if we win 1 home and 1 road game or 2 home games, our RPI will stay in the top 16. I think the hosting discussion gets tricky because, while the RPI is strong and the resume is good, I don't believe an SEC team has ever hosted at or below .500. So, even if you include the Bama midweek game, we'd need to sweep LSU or win the LSU series and win two games at Hoover to guarantee an above .500 finish. If we win our first game at Hoover, we're guaranteed two more losses unless we win the tournament. Although, this could be an unusual year where a .500 SEC like Auburn with the good RPI and good record against RPI top 50 is enough to get a regional. We're 27-5 at home and played some really tough road series. 

We were on really solid ground in the hosting discussion going into last weekend. I'd imagine we're still in the discussion now, but probably on the bubble with a few other teams.

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