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If there was ever a reason to hate a bammer


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I saw that....and it made me FURIOUS!!!  PICK UP YOUR TRASH bammers. Our beaches are not like your trailer parks. That type of sea turtle is extremely endangered and on the brink of extinction already. bammers just pushed it one step closer. 

We work so hard down here on the Gulf Coast trying to save our sea turtles and other marine wildlife. My daughter is a biology major at UWF and a vet tech.  She also volunteers with the Audubon Society because they are desperately trying to save seabirds from extinction. She sits on the beach on the weekends keeping idiot human beings away from endangered sea bird nests. People won't respect the signs or the roped off area where the nests are ....so someone has to be there to protect them.  People have no idea how fragile the oceans and their ecosystems have become. If the oceans die...we will die, and that it truly going to happen if we don't change our ways. 

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