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Football Rules and Interpretations


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On 11/1/2021 at 5:30 PM, bigbird said:

The wr clearly used his hand/arm to push off and create separation. That's what was flagged, I believe.

He extended his arm for sure but how much contact there was there is debatable, IMO.  Also the guy fell down after that, so no advantage there either.   Really need to be on the field (IMO) for this one to see if there was an actual push or just an extended arm.   That's why I believe something else happened earlier in the route that drew the flag.   It absolutely could have been that extended arm and maybe he did push off, but I'm inclined to believe there was something more.   Again, this is just my opinion and just a good way to explain some of the finer points of the rules some may not know.  

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