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29 minutes ago, ShocksMyBrain said:

18/31: Evil Dead(2013). Somewhat divisive among the diehard fans of the original. It’s not nearly as campy as Raimi’s. I think it’s a solid remake. 


I'll have to watch that. Army of Darkness is still one my faves.

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21/31: Funny Games(2007). Have not seen the German original.

This was the first movie my now wife and I ever watched before we even started dating. She brought over Smirnoff Ice and puked in my driveway. I didn’t learn about that until years later.


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On 8/23/2018 at 10:09 AM, Barnacle said:

Is this an appropriate response to this post/thread?


I'm also going to try and encourage my kids to take a year off before college. Go out west, to Europe, whatever. Go get a job and experience the "real" world. I seriously regret not doing that. I didn't really appreciate my undergraduate education. I wish I would have. 

Lunatic Fringe.... I know your out there.

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On 10/8/2018 at 7:43 PM, ShocksMyBrain said:

8/31: Blair Witch(2016). Never seen this one. 


Saw this at the theaters. It was Ok. Not a big horror fan. The big thing at the time was they had warning about going to see it cause the camera work was making people sick.

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7 hours ago, Texan4Auburn said:

Looking forward to this. I was fortunate to have older cousins that taught me about music and dragged me to rock concerts. Think News of the World was the second record I ever dropped the needle on. My first was Kiss's Destroyer.


Double thumbs up on Destroyer❤

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