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***FINAL: AU 21 UW 16 — Postgame Thread***

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Half of y’all need to turn your fan cards in.  

At least the UW fans we were around told us we were way better fans than Bama fans...I'll take that and a win!

Agreed.  The Malzahn bashing has to fricking stop.  We are a top 10 team.  I expect to move up.  

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It may have been sloppy, even downright ugly at times, but a big time drive late in the game to come from behind and win the game against the #6 team in the country.  I wont complain one bit about how we won.  

That late drive to get the go ahead touchdown is going to be big for this teams confidence for a long time.

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My take is this, a win is a win and the football gods blessed us with the best DLine in the country which is what won us the game. Our run game is atrocious and we won’t survive without it. I like KMart but I think it’s Whitlow we need to go with. We need to stick with him and see if we can get a rhythm going with him in the next game. 

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Lots of room for improvement but great boost for this team. The talking heads were saying not as much to gain for us by winning but not true. We know better after the last couple seasons. WDE 

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WDE. Got a long way to go, but we pulled it out. A lot of coach bashing for a first game on here. Im not sure what play calls we could suggest when the OL wasnt blocking for the run nor pass, but dangit the last part of the 4th quarter they stepped up and got it done. I thought a lot of out problems were on execution, mainly the OL, not coaching.

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