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LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

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Games like this is why Gus will never be a great coach. He will always be mired in mediocrity. 

I hope every one of those referees gets fired! That was the most bull**** officiating I have ever seen!

Beaten by Ensminger and a QB that couldn’t start at OSU. Typical Auburn. 

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Missed PI call by the ref was the change in the game. No one can say that is not the reason. Was called for LSU, can’t be more BS than that!!!  Hate to lose that way, we have to get our offense figured out. 

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Worse than last year. This is beyond incredible to lose two years in a row this way. The refs were the worst I have seen in a game in years and to top it off we let a bumbling idiot come into our stadium and beat us because we give up turnovers and call a schizophrenic game plan and our o line gets their lunch handed to them in the fourth quarter. 

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I believe the refs screwed us but the reason we lost is their O-Line bested our D-Line and their D-Line bested our O-Line. Normally our D-Line is a disruptive force today they were not.

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