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Mississippi State Post Game Thread

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Let’s consolidate the threads a little guys. I’m not pleased with either side of the ball or any of the coaches.

Someone on the offensive side of the ball has to go plain and simple. Tonight.

Defense should have had a scout look with Malik Willis to stop the zone read. Embarrassing they killed us by running 24 plays right up the middle for tremendous yards without having a passing threat.

Muffed an idiotic punt, missed a field goal, and 7 points were given to Moo State and stolen from us.

Gus does not scheme for teams. Chip might not be running the show but his name is still under the OC moniker and he has to pay. These coaches should seriously be sued for malpractice and pay back the university a huge chunk of their salaries. Restructure Gus’ contract or something but make this embarrassment stop.





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The only highlight of the night for me was corchjay threatening to drive to another members town slap him and choke him out in 20 seconds.  If Gus could only have that fire as a coach, of course someo

I swear I’m not trying to start anything or call anyone out but where are the pumpers?? They always do this after one of these train wrecks of Gus...they disappear for a couple of days and let everyon

You're trying to ruin my day right ? Go ahead, admit it.  

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Just now, AU-24 said:

I’m officially off the Gus bus. My question: how did this guy beat Alabama and Georgia last year? I just don’t get him.

Dude can coach when his ass on the line, but when it’s not, it’s the same old crap

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For those praising the defense you might want to go back and look how many arm tackles were missed. How many times they were juked out of their jocks. The defense did not play a good game. Steele will be the first to tell you that and to tell you they were flat out coached tonight. If I was a coach on that team tonight I would give my paycheck back this week out of shame for my part of this crappy showing.

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Defining plays:

4 overthrown would be touchdowns by Stidham

Boobee didn’t need to reach out on the would be touchdown but it shouldn’t have mattered if the refs didn’t hose us.

Fitzgerald did not score that touchdown at the end of the half.

The muffed punt we shouldn’t have been anywhere near.

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Just now, johnnyAU said:

Any W's left on the schedule other than Liberty? ...and that one has become a little iffy.

The GOAT Turner Gill coaches Liberty. I think they handle us......

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3 minutes ago, WeaglWeaglWDE said:

This team is done. Gus has officially lost this team. And there's nothing we can do about it. 49 million reasons to keep this trash. And even if we paid it, who in their right mind would come here at this point?

Yep we should have learned with Chizic as soon as we give them a high buy out they quit caring. Who wouldn’t rather take 32 million now rather than having to work the next 6 years.

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Just now, redman443 said:

I will never defend gus. he is the worst coach in the sec. I do not know how all of these fans can rationally defend him.

Believe me, I’m not happy with him now either. But how did he win the SEC with Nick Marshall? How did he beat Alabama and Georgia last year? And then come out and absolutely smell the place up tonight? I just don’t get it.

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