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Mississippi State Game Report Card

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14 hours ago, WeaglWeaglWDE said:

His demeanor speaks volumes. Both on the sideline and on the podium. So many times the camera has cut to him and he's just standing there with his arms crossed with a dumb look on his face. Times when he should have been FIRED UP laying into someone and nothing.....Times on the podium where he should show at least a LITTLE emotion and passion......nothing. He doesn't have the fire.

Preach it. When Johnson looked so awful against LSU and we lost 45-21, Gus came out looked as excited as carpet to be there. GIVE ME A SCREAMER! Give me a Dye, a Bryant, a Saban, someone that will chew ass and FOCUS the damn team. Mr Sweatervest Fred Rogers on the sidelines doesnt instill a fire in anyone.

We military guys sometimes use the "Foxholer" analogy. When we look at the scope of a man, we ask "Is this a guy you want in a foxhole with you when the shells are screaming in?" I think CGM would be an excellent pastor, Sunday School Treacher, or Youth Leader. he is a great guy in many ways...

BUT GUS IS NO FOXHOLER...He is a great man in many ways, but when the shells are coming in and the enemy is about to leap into the foxhole that is your home, Mr Rogers is not who you want. You want Dye, Bear, Saban, Woody Hayes, Schembechler, you want a sumb!tch that is tough as nails and can use nothing but his sheer will to alter the course of a program. 

Dye was famously asked  "How long will it take for you to beat bama?" 
Dye replied: "60 Minutes." I actually long for an alpha male to be down there.

A screamer may lose at first, but he is gonna work his ass off to turn the program around. The payoff for hard work always comes.  

CGM LSU 2015.

Jim Mora-Foxholer

Who do you want to go into battle leading you or your son?

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9 hours ago, corchjay said:

I don’t remember one attempt to get up field.  I saw some times in obvious pass situations where we got completely whipped on the edges.  That’s not on JS at all.  But blitz pickup was better and sure they got to him a couple times but you know how to counter that make the right read identify the blitz and go where the ball is supposed to go.  He hasn’t done that at all.  He’s been hit no more then Sean White was but Sean would identify the blitz and might throw off balance but would make the defense pay for choosing to blitz.  If you keep folding like a tent why would they not continue to come with pressure?

Need more likes!  I'm out for the day.  Good stuff!

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