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14 hours ago, HVAU said:

You're much more in tune with the legal paperwork required there, and I believe I've read that you have helped out with immigration legal work before.  Kudos on that.

So, my question is, do the pitfalls in the process  more from lack of legal personnel, difficulty in verification of refugees background, other things I'm not considering?

What resources would be necessary to make the process more efficient?

What laws need to change?

Were these issues addressed in the "gang of eight" bill in 2013 that Speaker Boehner neglected to bring to the floor thereby killing it?

Will CGM be our coach two years from now?

I want answers.


These are excellent questions and they deserve extensive answers. Give me some time. 

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On 11/13/2018 at 12:21 PM, aubiefifty said:

elle if i was younger and you smoked pot i would so be hitting on ya. smart women give me chills.


AND for you haters this is just meant light hearted and more of a compliment. if i was dead serious i would be burning up private messenger. waves

Who said I didn’t smoke pot? 

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