Prince Tega returning

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Good decision by Tega and very good news for AU. Hoping to catch on as a FA in the NFL is a hard road to hoe

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I am beginning to think the stories about "locker room issues" last season were wildly overblown (speaking specifically of Brandon Marcello's reporting).

I have no doubt there were a few disgruntled voices, and I have no doubt when at team that has visions of conference championships and the playoffs sees them evaporate halfway through the season there will be disappointment. But I also realize emotionally immature (which many if not most 20 year old young men are) people will lash out, blame, complain, and, when they are competitive athletes, work through it and get over it.

In other words, the raw emotion after painful losses is just that. Raw. And with coaching, mentorship, and leaning on each other, will be worked through.

I also recall many posts saying "Gus has not lost this team", like Chizik lost the 2012 team, or other examples.

Something good was going on to dig us out of that potential hole. The truth is we were not that good in 2018. We were not competitive enough talent wise and experience wise in key positions (such as the OL) to be a contender. Washington was not that good and gave use a false impression of how good we were. LSU, Mississippi State, and Texas A&M were all pretty good teams. Getting it together for Ole Miss, then rallying back against Texas A&M were the real highlights of 2018, not the Washington game. And those highlights came right after the nadir of the season, the Tennessee game.

Marcello should have understood the heart speaking in the moment of pain vs. the determined mind speaking after the immediate pain has past. He should have understood how the art of the follow-up question, and how to flesh out a story.

These kids would not be coming back to a miserable experience, a likely 6-6 year at best, and the risk of getting hurt if they could make an NFL roster. So they must believe they are coming back to a good experience, and a year as a contender. That speaks more than any beat reporter's "inside information", or anonymous fan board poster's "my cousin-in-law knows somebody who knows somebody who is the the step-uncle of one of the players and he said" B.S.

That does not mean CGM is the coach to bring AU to an elite program level. It does mean CGM is probably not a coach who is going to bring AU down to disastrous levels.

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41 minutes ago, meh130 said:

I am beginning to think the stories about "locker room issues" last season were wildly overblown

I would say that fans "overblew" what was reported. 

There's nothing particularly exciting or unusual to me about bad mojo in the locker room after a team massively underachieves. I understand those emotions. I don't understand the emotions of the fans or why they want so badly to shoot the messenger. Especially since nobody besides Auburn fans cares in the least. 

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