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2019 Spring Practice Begins

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Auburn Football is baaaaaackkkkk ....


Auburn opened spring practice on Monday afternoon, with a 30-minute viewing window open to the media.

Along with the four players Gus Malzahn said would miss spring practices due to injury, the Tigers also saw another starter on defense limited for the start of spring. Defensive back Javaris Davis, who spent time at both nickel and corner last season, was in an orange non-contact jersey with an undisclosed injury.

Davis participated in drills during the early portion of practice but was held out later when the Tigers ran position-specific drills and rolled out the spring’s early three-deep depth chart.

-- Punter Arryn Siposs was not at practice on Monday. Siposs, who took over the starting job early last season and has a firm grip on the role in 2019 as the Tigers’ only punter on the roster, got married over spring break and has not yet returned to the team. In his place, Anders Carlson lined up at punter on special teams drills.

-- Safety Smoke Monday (shoulder) was in an orange non-contact jersey and did some drills early on. He did not participate in position-specific drills during the later portion of practice. He was among the four players Malzahn said would miss spring.

-- Wide receiver Will Hastings (left ACL) was also in an orange non-contact jersey and did limited drills early in practice. Malzahn said Hastings would miss spring after undergoing a second knee surgery in October.

-- Jordyn Peters (right foot) and Daquan Newkirk (right foot), neither of whom are going to participate in spring practices, each had a cast on their injured foot and were moving around on motorized scooters.

-- Malzahn and offensive coordinator Kenny Dillingham spent the early portion of practice working hands on with the quarterbacks.

-- At the end of practice, Auburn gave an early look at its three-deep depth chart on both sides of the ball. Here’s how they looked:

1st-team offense:

-- QB Malik Willis

-- RB Kam Martin

-- HB/TE: John Samuel Shenker

-- WR: Shedrick Jackson

-- WR: Eli Stove

-- WR Sal Cannella

-- OL: LT Prince Tega Wanogho, LG Marquel Harrell, C Kaleb Kim, RG Mike Horton, RT Jack Driscoll

2nd-team offense:

-- QB: Joey Gatewood

-- RB: Boobee Whitlow

-- HB/TE: Harold Joiner

-- WR: Seth Williams

-- WR: Matthew Hill

-- WR: Marquis McClain

-- OL: LT Bailey Sharp, LG Tashawn Manning, C Nick Brahms, RG Brodarious Hamm, RT Austin Troxell

1st-team defense:

DL: DE Marlon Davidson, DT Derrick Brown, DT Tyrone Truesdell, Buck Nick Coe

LB: OLB Chandler Wooten, MLB K.J. Britt, OLD Zakoby McClain

CB: Noah Igbinoghene and Roger McCreary

Nickel: Christian Tutt

S: FS Jeremiah Dinson, SS Daniel Thomas

*Note: Davis and Monday did not participate in these drills.

2nd-team defense:

-- DL: DE Big Kat Bryant, DT Coynis Miller Jr., DT Gary Walker, Buck T.D. Moultry

-- LB: OLB Owen Pappoe, MLB Michael Harris, OLB Josh Marsh

-- CB: Devin Guice, Devan Barrett

-- Nickel: Zion Puckett

-- S: FS Jamien Sherwood, SS Malcolm Askew








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Don't think this is the case. I don't know anyone who has been to practice but word is that Nix is running 2nd to Gatewood. Gatewood has been the best, by a bit. 

Hasn't been fun to see what Malzahn has done with the football program, going into his seventh season

Is it just me or should Gus be thanking Bruce a ton right now?  This last month has taken a lot of attention off of spring practice and allowed the football team to just do their thing in relative pea

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We may not have signed those two speedsters if we didn't support them in track. Iggy and the others probably didn't have that understanding so they may only run track during indoor season or when there is no conflict.

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1 hour ago, Tiger said:

Not a big fan of the guys missing spring practice for track personally but I get it

They’re just training to get even faster— “Auburn fast”! It’s gonna be a good thing!

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4 hours ago, Metalsinger418 said:

Any news? I heard we have a few injuries on defense but I didn't catch who it was

Who cares?  It's basketball, softball and baseball season.  You know we are a basketball school now.  😂

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Did we lose all 4 for the entire Spring?    I think I read that wrong....  Very early to lose that many for the entire spring.  I bet it means will (some) Spring Practice.

I say we try out McCormick from the BB team if we lost Hastings.    Just kidding   Just kidding -  try out Jared Harper!!


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Willis and Nix looked sharp in this video. I honestly don’t care who wins it as I know it will be the best man who does, so long as Gus doesn’t overthink Nix being a true freshman. Whoever it may be let’s just hope they step up and become a true leader. 

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I thought Gatewood looked pretty sharp. He is a physical presence no doubt. Keep it Joey!! He looks taller than 6-5. The other QBs look like HS QBs compared to Joey size-wise. I saw 1 bad pass that was a bit high. I am pulling for Joey. If it happens it happens. If not then the best man should win the job.

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4 hours ago, toddc said:

They’re just training to get even faster— “Auburn fast”! It’s gonna be a good thing!

i agree 110%!!  Let em run 4.2 forties all day long and leave defenders in the dust!

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11 minutes ago, aujeff11 said:

3 is DJ Williams.

I thought 29 was Joiner but the official roster says he’s 22. The only 29 listed is a defender. 


# 3. Makes sense. I remember that joiner changed his number so I couldn’t figure out who that would be. 

It amazes me that Miller has two more years of eligibility. Seems like he’s been there since the turn of the decade. 

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1 hour ago, aujeff11 said:

Gus is the master of generating offseason optimism. He will be at some FCA meeting  talking about how great our team will be soon. 

I'm so over it. First season to where I just can't muster excitement. Wonder what the motto will be this year...

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