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Hi everyone, I am currently working for a small business entitled “Generational Systems,” and we have applied for a small business grant from FedEx. The company has been established with the research of a friend of mine who has created a way to 3D print using metal. Machines like this do exist, but using an induction heating method, and wire printing, we have 3 patent pendings on the product, and we have built the machine at a fraction of the cost of other machines. This is incredible technology as we plan to move into manufacturing, healthcare, aerospace and other forms of business.


The grant, however, is based on getting enough votes to make the final round of judging. 

I am not sure how ok this is, but if you would be willing to go to the link below and vote, we would really appreciate it. It will only take about 60 seconds of your time, and you only need to put your name and email, so they know you are not voting multiple times during the day. You are allowed to vote once every 24 hours up until April 1. 

If you would, click on the link and then click “vote now.” From there, you will be able to type in “Generational Systems,” and click on our profile that pops up. We are based out of Montgomery, AL.

Once you have done this, please share this link with friends and family as we would very much appreciate any votes we can get. Thank you all so much, as I am very excited about this journey in the early stages of my career. Thank you!!! War eagle!!




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