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Men vs. Kentucky - NCAA Tournament

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Good morning all,

To keep up with my superstitions and not wanting to vary from what I have been doing, I am posting this thread again.  Luckily I can watch this game live so I won’t have to bare all social media activity.  We are only a few hours from tip so GET UP.  GET EXCITED!  We can do this.  Keep your head down boys and maintain that high energy.  DO IT FOR CHUMA!  War Eagle!


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Just posted this on scouting report thread, but we are here.  One game to get to Final 4! It is there in front of us.  Time to go take it! Do it for Chuma!

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25 minutes ago, tgrogan21 said:

Man,  I would LOVE to see the first 10 minutes resemble the LSU game last year where it was like 30-12.


Keeping the superstitions alive just like the team eating at a Hibachi restaurant. 

I wish we would come out hot like Purdue did against Villanova ;)

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I'm so freaking pumped for this game! The nerves aren't there, yet, because we've already accomplished so much this year. Elite Eight, that was our expectations at the start of the year and we've reached that milestone. Every thing else is gravy, at this point. Having said that ...


BEAT KENTUCKY! I'm so sick and tired of seeing every "expert" still not giving us our dues. We have came out and won 11 straight games (the longest in the country) have beaten TN x2, Kansas, North Carolina, and New Mexico State. We are playing lights out and people still don't think we have a chance in this game. I know we're down Chuma, I know we're not a blue blood, and I know we lost to Kentucky by 27 earlier in the year but this team is special. This coaching staff is special. And this Auburn FAMILY is special. Just go on twitter and look at how every one is behind this team. From football players, to gymnastics, to the baseball team, and it goes on and on. Hell, we have ex-teammates posting #doitforChuma! Don't just DoitforChuma, though. Do it for Barkley, Do it for Porter, Do it for Smith, Do it for Cliff Ellis, and Do it for the Auburn Family. But most importantly, DO IT FOR YOURSELF! Prove to everyone why Auburn is so special and why this team is so special.


Win or lose, this is a year that I will never forget and I will be proud of them no matter what happens. At the end of the day, I believe that we're going to come out and smoke Kentucky. Some times a huge injury will be a detriment to the team but I think it's going to do the exact opposite and make every single player raise their game and I believe we'll score 100+ points and beat Kentucky by 20. Call me a homer, I don't care.

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