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Texas A&M Score Prediction

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I don't think A&M is any better than Oregon, probably not as good. AU 31, A&M 20.

You didn't pick/predict either! 🤣 Honesty is wanted, right? There are many question marks for Saturday. Pulling hard and believing  for Auburn, but highly respectful of the 12th man atmosphere. C

Those kind of comments from Mikey are why its hard to stay silent. He and 64 and the crew will jump on one of us in a second for making comments like this toward Gus supporters but then turn around an

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I don't have a good feeling about this one. I see it this way:

  • What was supposed to be an improved O-line has been suspect against both quality opponents and now they have some injuries. They will not be able to run block A&M
  • The quarterback is going to get a lot of pressure from blitzing corners, safeties, and linebackers and it won't end well. It will probably mean that Whitlow will get most of the snaps because of his pass blocking
  • Before the season I felt like the receivers would be the most suspect group on the team and now they have some injuries. I expect their tendency to be inconsistent to be exacerbated against A&M
  • As others on this board have stated, CGM's offense works best when he can get substantial yardage running the ball on first down. We won't be able to do that against A&M on any down. I can't, for the life of me, understand why CGM did not make sure we would have the personnel we need to have a really good O-line. The fact that he didn't or couldn't may well be, in the final analysis, his undoing
  • Kick coverage has been bad and the only explanation I can think of is that we didn't work hard enough in fall camp. It seems to me that CGM's teams have always taken three or four games to assume their final identity

I hate this part but I see it, A&M - 27, AU - 9.


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A&M will not score more than two touchdowns on our defense. A lot of pundits have leaned on Kellen Mond's Home/Away win record as anecdotal evidence that he will look like a better quarterback tomorrow. I disagree, as some have pointed out that in those road losses, Kellen Mond had played against good defenses (i.e Alabama, Clemson, Auburn, Miss. St.). I don't disagree that home field will have an advantage but I believe the matchup is much more telling.

Due to the losses on their Defense, it's arguable that Clemson's defense is not as good as last year's and still held A&M to 3 points for the majority of the game. And is the Auburn defense not at least as good as Clemson's? (Some would say better). I do believe there is concern about the trend of our defense giving up points on the first drive, and I would expect that might still happen. But I don't see A&M's offense as equal or better than Oregon's, plus their running game has taken a huge toll this year between NFL departures and injuries.

Their interior run defense will be stout, however the rest of their D should be exploitable. So I imagine given Malzahn's tendencies to run up the gut we will likely all be banging our heads against the wall. (Note: I understand it's practicality, particularly in the set-up aspect, but it will be frustrating to watch nonetheless).

All-in-all, I do not expect many points scored. Offensively our ceiling will be predicated on their ability to keep A&M off balance. Defensively, I believe A&M is going to have to beat us through the air. My prediction:

Auburn: 16     Texas A&M: 10

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5 minutes ago, CodeRocket said:

It will probably mean that Whitlow will get most of the snaps because of his pass blocking

Based on what I've seen, this hasn't been great so far this year.

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AU 23, aTm 21

On edit...

aTm jumps out to a 14-0 lead. AU battles back with two field goals and a TD.  AU takes the lead 20-14 late.  aTm drives the length of the field with under three minutes to play to go up 21-20.  AU hits a FG from 52 as time expires. 23-21, Tigers.  Book it! :)

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On 9/18/2019 at 8:35 PM, ChltteTiger said:
On 9/18/2019 at 5:25 PM, AubTigers said:

24-9 A&M

Ouch! Guess Gus should not be surprised to see a moving van at his house Monday if your score is correct!

Not so much just a moving van.....but a Yellawood truck! 😄


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My heart hopes for Auburn but my head says TAMU. I think we are underprepared offensively and our defense can only hold up on the road for so long when they are on the field the entire time. With a different OLine I feel differently.  Bo is going to throw some interceptions and Gus will bring Joey in every once in a while for him to dive a yard or two forward. I’ll never bank on change until I see it. 

24-10 TAMU. 

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Well we are 3-0 against the spread this year.  First time Dogs this year. I believe the spread is Auburn +4. 

I think our defense will be nasty and frustrate the Aggies.  The big question is do we do anything positive to help take pressure off of Nix's arm.  Gus will bring out the tricks. Let's just hope they work.  Auburn 27- TAMU 23

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