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How do you guys feel about this?


AU gets $3 million for climate change study  

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  1. 1. Where could we have spent the money other than studying climate change?

    • Money well spent?
    • Could have used the money for Gus' buyout?

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AUBURN, Ala. (AP) — A $3 million grant will help fund climate change education at Auburn University.

The school announced recently that money from the National Science Foundation Research Traineeship will be used to teach students how to study the changing climate.


Faculty members will work with about 85 graduate students to create an interdisciplinary team. The team will work over a five-year period.

Students will examine both natural systems and man-made infrastructure. Associate professor Karen McNeal says in a statement that understanding vulnerabilities, resiliency and recovery time is crucial as natural disasters become worse.


The grant is the first such award in the state of Alabama. Auburn's Department of Geosciences recently began offering a doctoral program related to climate change.

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I don't mind if it is objective and does not begin with some predetermined premise. That being said, based on the content of the announcement, I cannot be assured of any of the above. The announcement in the OP states "as natural disasters become worse". Not sure how you apply objective measurements to that statement.

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I don't mind necessarily money spent on the subject of climate change, as long as natural variation is included and it isn't meant just to target CO2 or methane emissions or force renewables.

Increasing efficiencies of current systems and development of new technologies are always good choices.

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